Our History

Our interest in Libya began after its Revolution in 2011. Articles and blogs such as this one suggested that despite Libya’s beauty and wealth, something was lacking in its healthcare.

In 2012, we took our first visit there, and we moved there in 2013. That year, we designed our first project for Libyans in partnership with a good local Libyan business partner.  As 2014 began, we sensed that the project was close to starting. However, there were some additional delays. By mid-2014, major fighting broke in both the east and west of the country, and our personnel left Libya.

Currently, Project TAHIL personnel continue to improve the lives of Libyans in need of therapy or healing. We created instructional videos in Libyan sign language, and we also completed a thorough study on the needs of Libyan parents who have children with disabilities. In 2019, we will launch the first ever app for learning Libyan sign language.