Teaching Libyan Sign Language

Project TAHIL is an initiative of the US NGO Millennium Relief and Development Services (MRDS). MRDS delivers intelligent compassion to people in complex situations, and Project TAHIL does just this in assisting Libyans to better communicate with the Libyan deaf community. In recent years, both the deaf and hearing communities in Libya have shown interest in learning sign language. So, in partnership with Libyans, Project TAHIL developed instructional videos and a free mobile learning app.

Government bodies, private companies, Libyans NGOs, and individual citizens have all been involved in this. Our free app لغتي اشارتي allows thousands of Libyans, especially those who have deaf family members or friends, to learn Libyan ٍSign Language. Our social media effort “Libya Signs” teaches and promotes Libyan sign language. So, with the click of a button, Libyans can now learn Libyan Sign Language from the comfort of their own home or in a café. This is another step toward helping Libyans better communicate with the deaf community.

This innovative and thoughtful response to a felt need in Libya by Project TAHIL is one more way that MRDS is delivering intelligent compassion to people in complex situations.